My Travel Wash Bag

A week from today I will be on my way to my holidays, so I've been starting to purchase my mini toiletries (who doesn't love a mini) and packing them away. I have a tendency to purchase a smaller version of a product of something I already have rather than decanting into a small container, I know Lazy! So here is all my essential products for my travels.

Suncream is a given! If your heading to a hot country or even somewhere with mild weather if the suns out, I've got this with me. I admit I'm not one to put it on if the weathers not nice, some say you should wear it all year long. Aftersun comes next, I love the Hawaiian one, its so cooling. I have to have it to prolong the tan.  I've chucked the AfterBite stick in this time because I can't stand a gnat bite. Better to be safe than sorry about that annoying itch and massive spot on your skin.

For in the shower, Shampoo and Conditioner comes first in my routine. I'm praying the mini size will last me because I always wash my hair more whilst I'm away. Ive picked the Miracle Moist by Aussie to put the moisture back in after a long day in the sun. Shower gel is essential, again hoping the mini size holds out the whole holiday. TMI alert, FemFresh, enough said really. I've got the mini shaver which is perfect when your wash bag is already overflowing. My face wash I will be using with my Clarasonic. I will only use the Clarasonic once a day though as I don't want it to be too rough on vulnerable skin. Deodorant is another given, I love the mini size because normally by the end of the holiday its finished and less weight to take home.

Ive got my heat and sun hair protectant. I use this as a detangler as well as a protectant. Even though I will be washing my hair practically every day, the dry shampoo helps me style my hair the next day.  Ill use the hairspray if I've curled my hair to make sure the humidity doesn't make them drop instantly. My micellar water comes with me everywhere, I find it the best thing to take my makeup off. Toothpaste and Mouthwash are again a given. My favourite perfume is Marc Jacobs Daisy, I normally buy variations of it in the airport as I love having a smell associated with a place.

Is there anything else you pack as a must have whilst on holiday?

Look out for my travel makeup bag post on Wednesday.

Thanks for reading! :)

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