My Holiday Makeup Bag

Do you ever find yourself packing your makeup bag, trying to cram more and more in, justifying your three different blushers and six different lipsticks with 'well I will want different looks'? I always do! However this year I've tried to reduce it down to a reasonable amount of makeup for a few days away. Mainly by taking a smaller makeup bag but also by sticking to the essentials. And anyway, there are Sephora's where I'm heading so I can always pick something up if need be. (will definitely be buying a lot!) So this is what I'm taking with me, theres a lot to talk about so I'll try to keep it short and sweet.

Before I start my makeup I use this eye rollerball, I really love this as it wakes up the eyes whilst preping them for under eye concealer. For Moisturiser I've been trying out the Origins GinZing moisturiser, loving it so far. I'm on the hunt for a good toner so I'll be looking in drug stores for that.

My trusted naked palettes. The original Naked palette is my favourite, it has some beautiful shades which can create many different looks. I was debating between this and my TooFaced Sweet Peach palette but this had to win. The Naked Basics 2 I use for my eyebrows. Ive been meaning to make a brow palette in Mac but haven't got around to it yet.

Sticking with the eyes, I'm taking my Mac paint pot in Soft Ochre as a base but if the Nars eyeshadow base is in the airport I'll be picking that up. My eyebrow gel is coming with me, I'm not a massive fan of this Milani one. I find it makes your brows look wet but it will have to do for now. I cannot do my makeup without my eyelash curler and alongside that I will be bringing my mascara of the moment which is Maybelline's Great Lash. For eyeliner I'm taking a brown one and then this bright yellow one from NYX, you know, just in case. Lastly for the eyes, I've got my short fake eyelashes and my DUO glue.

For my base I've chosen to take a BB cream, when its hot and humid the last thing I want is a full face of foundation so this is light but evens out the skin tone. Ive got the Naked Skin concealer, I bought this in the wrong shade so I haven't been able to try it yet, hopefully with a tan it will be the right match. I always use a translucent powder but for my holiday I will probably just use this to set under my eyes and my T-Zone but apart from that leave the skin dewy.

For bronzer I've chosen this one from Mac, its the Studio Sculpt Defining bronzing powder from one of their collections. I find this really long lasting and isn't too golden so it great for contouring. I was thinking for a while about which blush I would take but decided I wanted to take a cream one, this is one from Topshop. It goes on a cream and then turns into a powder texture on the skin. Im taking the L'oréal Lumi highlighter, I've been loving this recently!

You've got to take a few options for lips haven't you! Ive got a bright orange, a coral colour and then a clearish gloss. I will probably pick up a few lip shades whilst shopping but I think I'll be covered for all options with what I'm taking.

Whats the makeup item you have to have with you on holiday?

If you want to see what products I'll be taking in my wash bag, take a look at my most recent post. 

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My Travel Wash Bag

A week from today I will be on my way to my holidays, so I've been starting to purchase my mini toiletries (who doesn't love a mini) and packing them away. I have a tendency to purchase a smaller version of a product of something I already have rather than decanting into a small container, I know Lazy! So here is all my essential products for my travels.

Suncream is a given! If your heading to a hot country or even somewhere with mild weather if the suns out, I've got this with me. I admit I'm not one to put it on if the weathers not nice, some say you should wear it all year long. Aftersun comes next, I love the Hawaiian one, its so cooling. I have to have it to prolong the tan.  I've chucked the AfterBite stick in this time because I can't stand a gnat bite. Better to be safe than sorry about that annoying itch and massive spot on your skin.

For in the shower, Shampoo and Conditioner comes first in my routine. I'm praying the mini size will last me because I always wash my hair more whilst I'm away. Ive picked the Miracle Moist by Aussie to put the moisture back in after a long day in the sun. Shower gel is essential, again hoping the mini size holds out the whole holiday. TMI alert, FemFresh, enough said really. I've got the mini shaver which is perfect when your wash bag is already overflowing. My face wash I will be using with my Clarasonic. I will only use the Clarasonic once a day though as I don't want it to be too rough on vulnerable skin. Deodorant is another given, I love the mini size because normally by the end of the holiday its finished and less weight to take home.

Ive got my heat and sun hair protectant. I use this as a detangler as well as a protectant. Even though I will be washing my hair practically every day, the dry shampoo helps me style my hair the next day.  Ill use the hairspray if I've curled my hair to make sure the humidity doesn't make them drop instantly. My micellar water comes with me everywhere, I find it the best thing to take my makeup off. Toothpaste and Mouthwash are again a given. My favourite perfume is Marc Jacobs Daisy, I normally buy variations of it in the airport as I love having a smell associated with a place.

Is there anything else you pack as a must have whilst on holiday?

Look out for my travel makeup bag post on Wednesday.

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Too-Faced Sweet Peach Pallete

Isn't this just a beauty! As soon as a friend mentioned this and I saw it, I needed it! It was extremely hard to get hold of but finally its in my hands. The Too Faced Sweet Peach palette has been the talk of the town for most beauty bloggers and for good reason. Its the newest edition to the Too faced palettes and I believe limited edition so everyones dying to get their hands on it. 

Its worth the hype, firstly because of the smell. I love a gimmick and the fact that this smells like peaches was part of why I was intrigued. Its a very sweet smell but don't worry it doesn't continue when on the lids.

The actual shadows them self are gorgeous, they're pigmented, blendable and relatively long lasting. I always use a primer but I haven't had an issue with the shadows sitting in the crease or fading away. My favourite shades are Nectar which is a beautiful yellowy, creamy colour. Caramelized, which is as shimmery warm brown shade. Bellini, is a shimmery deep pink shade, I've been using in the crease for a pop of colour within a neutral look. I haven't got a chance to use Candied Peach yet, its the brilliant bright pink shade. This would be a good shade to make the eyes pop. Talk Derby To Me, the deep shimmery purple shade is also one of my favourites. The palette is a great all rounder for summer, I think it covers the neutral look to the more outgoing night time look. 

If you want to get your hands on it I would be checking online daily. I found mine on the Debenhams website here in the UK. If your in the US check out your Sephora or you can order online on the Too faced website. If your interested I hope you find it! 

What other Too faced palette do you love?

Thanks for reading! :) 



Bliss Fabulips Pout-O-Matic Lip Perfecting System

The Bliss Fabulous Pout-o-Matic (great name!) system is a gadget that you probably don't need but more than likely will want. I was very intrigued when I heard of this about a year ago and wanted to try it. I must admit it is something I forget about and definitely isn't a staple in my beauty routine but when the dry lips come on, this comes out. Ive been suffering from dry lips recently, I think it might be down to the ever changing weather in the UK at the moment, but it has to stop. 

Its an electric tool with a rotating head with massaging numbs which help to exfoliate the lips. It comes with the Fabulips sugar lip scrub too which is great, moisturising and exfoliating. I would definitely use this on its own as well if I didn't have much time. Together they remove dry skin from the lips, leaving them looking healthy. It gets the blood flowing in your lips too so if you want to get the fuller pout, use this just before makeup to help over line your lips. 

Ive found it does help remove dead skin from the lips and with regular use avoids dry skin from being a problem at all. All I will say is if you have particularly dry/flakey lips and your using this for the first time in a while it does leave residue behind that I have to wipe away firmly to leave the lips smooth. I always take the head off to clean it after as you'll need to get in all the cracks to clean it properly. 

At the moment the cheapest I've seen this going for is just over £30, which some may say is expensive for an unnecessary  gadget but as it comes with the scrub too I think its great value for money. You can buy replacement heads, I believe mine came with a spare one but lets face it I've lost it already. If you're looking for something to help with keeping your pout healthy this is the right product and I would recommend it. Although I probably wouldn't buy the system again if I weren't to have this one in the future, I would purchase the lip scrub. So if your on a smaller budget go for that.

I would really like to try more Bliss products.

Have any of you tried this? Let me know your opinion!  

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The Selection Series (Kiera Cass) Review

I’m going to try and do this series of books justice during this review. Kiera Cass is a brilliant author who has written some of my most favourite books of all time. I really loved this series and fell in love with each of the characters. At times I couldn't put them and down, I've pre-ordered them every time a new one's out and recommended them to many friends and family. It’s a brilliant love story, with relatable characters and OMG moments. Don't worry no spoilers as usual!

The story follows a young girl named America Singer who is entered into a competition (the selection), where 35 girls are sent to the palace of the royal family to win over Prince Maxon's heart and become the next princess of Illéa. Cass has captured America's struggle between two different worlds, unwanted feelings and the reality of her future. 

I fell in love with America instantly! She is brave, stubborn, curious and a romantic. She's a refreshing protagonist whose struggles are relatable and Cass tells her side of the story so well, it’s a real page turner. Maxon is such a gentleman with inner struggles but throws himself into everything he does, a very admirable character. Even though there are quite a few characters throughout the series Cass gives them all an identity, I never wondered who she was talking about.

Three of the books take you through Maxon's decision, in my opinion they got better as they went on the closer it got to the end. When it did end I wanted it to carry on as usual, that’s where The Heir saved the day. (Damn titles giving things away!) However I was actually kind of disappointed with this one at first, I won't spoil it but all I will say is it's worth it so stick with it. If you would like to see a separate review about The Heir and The Crown, let me know! 

Being the brilliant author Kiera Cass is, she has also written a collection of novellas, telling the story from other characters’ perceptions. These are brilliant, it’s exciting knowing how events unfold from the main novels and seeing how others perceived it. I highly recommend all of these books, I'm 100% going to mourn these characters now it’s all over. 

Do you have any recommendations for my next read?

Thanks for reading! :) x



June Glossybox

I go through stages with Glossybox, I've cancelled it a few times wondering if its worth it but I've had one coming through the door for a while now. Its always exciting getting it in the post and I never ruin it for myself by looking online. If your not familiar with the company, its a monthly subscription that costs £10 plus postage and packaging. In the US its 21 dollars and postage is free.  If your looking into starting a subscription, I would highly recommend it. Here's a look inside the box I received this month. 

Its strange to get excited over a sun cream but I was over this Ladival Sun protection Spray SPF15. I'm always looking for a good sun cream and this one seems as though it ticks all the boxes. It says it protects from four types of UV rays, is non-greasy and is free from perfume so it won't irritate sensitive skin. I've had a quick try, it definitely isn't greasy and there isn't a prominent smell at all. I'll be taking this away with me this year. 

Going along with the sun cream Glossybox have included an after sun as well. The De Bruyère After Sun Monoï Lotion. It's paraben and silicone-free. Including Monoï which is, apparently, gardenia petals soaked in coconut oil, not something I usually look for in an after sun but I'm looking forward to trying it. It smells yummy and this will be going straight in my holiday stash. 

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle is one of my favourite products. Ive used it before and it really does work to help condition damaged hair. I've now got bleached hair but used it before this as well, its always left my hair feeling silky and shiny. I would 100% recommend it. 

Ive been wanting to try the Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturizer for a while, so this sample size is great. It's meant to energise complexion and increase skins radiance which is always good. They've described it as lightweight and oil-free which is great for me as I have oily skin. I'm hoping this will be my new favourite moisturiser. 

The next goodie I'm very intrigued about. It's the Spa To You Konjac Sponge, the latest cleansing trend from Japan and Korea. The Konjac is a porous root vegetable native to Asia, it has skin-buffing capabilities and will leave the skin clean and soft. I'm dying to try this, if it's worth it I'll be reviewing this soon. 

The last product I was kind of disappointed with at first, its the Emité Makeup Lip and Cheek Tint. However since trying it on the back of my hand I'm actually impressed. I was originally disappointed with the shade as I always tend to get deep red shades that aren't my favourite. From first impressions it seems like a bright red shade that leaves a stain but you would need to rub it in quickly if your were using it on your cheeks, we shall see how this one goes. 

All in all I'm very impressed with this box Glossybox! Is there anything in the box you would love to see a review of? Let me know! 

Thanks for reading! :)



Summer Cheeks

Its sunny in the UK at the moment so I'm loving all things summer and keeping my fingers crossed the good weather continues. Following on from my summer lipstick post I thought I would move onto blushes. If you saw my makeup collection you would know that blush is by far my most favourite type of product. I just love the different shades they come in and most of the time I'm a sucker for the pretty packaging. These are the blushes I'll be wearing through the summer.

Dior Diorskin Nude Tan Tie Dye Edition (Coral Sunset)
This is potentially the prettiest blush I've ever seen. Its a mix or oranges, whites, and deep pink in a tie dye design.  When you swirl your brush through the colours it leaves a coral wash of colour on your cheeks. Its not overly pigmented but a nice touch to a look.

Milani Powder Blush (Coral cove)
This on the other hand is very pigmented. I like to use this as the statement of my makeup, with a natural eye and a pop of colour on my cheeks. In my opinion it lasts quite well throughout the day, I'd love to pick up more of these when I'm next in the states.

KIKO Velvet Touch Creamy Stick Blush (Hot Pink)
I love this one for many reasons, firstly its a stick so easy to apply and carry around for a touch up if need be. Secondly its a cream, which I love for the summer months. Its blendable and leaves the skin with a more dewy look than a powder would. Its also a bright pink shade, if you haven't already noticed I love bright blushes.

KIKO Glow Touch Lips and Cheeks (Wave Hibiscus)
Another cream, I've used this one so much. I find KIKO do really well with their collections. A coral colour, sensed a theme yet?, I love this shade for summer. For me, coral is summer in colour and I wear it most days. This one can be used on lips too so would be great to carry in your bag as a 2 in 1 touch up.

Maybelline Dream Sun (Golden Tropics)
A bit of a cheat this one. Its a bronzer and blusher but for summer its an amazing product. You can use it in two parts, the blusher and bronzer separately, although the blusher is quite small to fit your brush in. Or you could swirl your brush in the whole product to bronze up your cheeks. I will definitely be taking this on holiday with me.

One that I'm dying to get my hands on is the Becca Tigerlily Shimmering Skin Perfector Blush. Its on my shopping list for my holiday. Another coral/ orange shade, I know, I can't help it.

What are your favourite blushes for the summer?

Thanks for reading! :)


What's In My City Bag

Everyday I carry around a large tote bag with practically my life in it but when it comes to long days sightseeing, shopping or going on city breaks I have to reduce it down as my shoulders can't take it. If I'm honest I wish I could carry around a Mary Poppins bag just so I would never be caught in a situation where I wish I had brought something. I try to make sure I've got different circumstances covered. So here's what I carry around the cities of the world.

I recently bought this brown small bag from H&M for my trip to New York. It looks small but is very deceiving, I can fit lots in! I have to have my purse with me, obviously, for all the city shops. I reduce my purse down from my usual one, leaving out the unnecessary loyalty cards and just carry the essentials. I always take an umbrella unless I've got a worthy enough coat to keep me dry. My Nan always says never leave the house without one and that's saved my hair on more than one occasion. Another one passed on from my Nan is the wipes, they have come in handy many a time, saving my top from a stain or cleaning a rather dirty cafe table. My sunglasses are from Ralph Lauren and I wear them everywhere, if its slightly bright outside I've got them on, so the city is no exception.

I always have a clip with me if my hairs down. I'll use it if I'm eating and need to keep my hair food-free or if its got to the end of the day and need to get it out of my face, and if your hairs decided to go annoyingly frizzy you can tame it with the clip. The comb I have to have! There is NOTHING worse than tangly hair and walking around all day can definitely cause tangles. The deodorant is a given, got to stay fresh. Especially in the hotter cities around the world.

The mirror, concealer and the lipstick go together. Just to touch up the makeup when the day is starting to get long and even better if your out all day into the evening. I try to keep the most blendable concealer I have so I can use my fingers and I just chuck in the lipstick I chose that morning. The Travalo is a genius invention in my eyes, you can carry around just a few sprays worth of your chosen scent, taking up hardly any room in your bag. I always have hand sanitiser with me, if I'm eating out after having been on public transport its best to use it. Lastly the lip balm, for no other reason than just in case. The feeling of dry lips is awful, even more so when you know you could have brought it with you.

Is there anything you take that I've missed out? Let me know!

Thanks for reading! :)



May Favourites

I found it kind of hard to round up what I've been loving for a whole month. I tend to move from one product to the next, switch up my perfume every day and move through books and programmes quickly. Having said that there are, of course, the few things that I become obsessed with.  

Firstly, as its the first thing I use every day is the Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation. Its good coverage, covering blemishes well and evens out the skin tone nicely giving a good base for the rest of my makeup. I had read mixed reviews about this one but decided to give it a try. Whilst I do agree it emphasises dry patches, its a good price and I've been using it as my every day foundation. 

Whilst I do my makeup I always apply a lip balm to get my lips ready for the lip product I always apply last. I bought the EOS Mint Lip Balm whilst I was in America recently, I had used them before and didn't think highly of them but I've definitely changed my mind now.  This Mint flavour does kind of make my lips tingle and keeps my lips moisturised. 

The Luxie Large Angled Brush, I received in a recent glossy box. I'm normally a bit shy with my bronzer and tend to only apply a small amount that is barley noticeable. This brush helped me get over that as its angled you can get right into the hollows of your cheeks whilst blending the product nicely. The Luxie brushes are 100% cruelty-free, vegan, paraben-free and are coated with an antibacterial solution. The prices aren't too bad with this one available for £11.05.

One of my favourite products in my skin care routine is the Nip+Fab Skin Glycolic Fix Exfoliating Facial Pads. The Glycolic acid exfoliates the skin, retexturing and resurfacing. I much prefer using a chemical exfoliant than a scrub, I find it much nicer to use. I also find these pads soothing, after cleansing my skin its a nice step before moisturiser. 

I change the fragrance I wear a lot in the day time. However I have recently been heading straight to the Bath and Body Works Fragrance Mists. This one is in the fragrance Beautiful Day, they describe the scent as a blend of peonies, daisies and sun kissed apples. I would say its just a lovely fresh scent. If your in the US go give it a smell, sorry UK. 

I've been reading Happily Ever After by Kiera Cass, its the collection of short novellas from the Selection series. I had already read most of them but this collection included the perspective of Marlee, and I was dying to read it. I will say it didn't disappoint, if your reading the series definitely gets your hands on this. 

Game of Thrones, Series 6. What can I say, for those of you watching as well, isn't that program so brilliantly clever. For the past couple of seasons I've felt it took them a while for the action to kick in. Season 6 however, I can honestly say I've been gripped every episode. I won't give anything away, if you haven't seen any of them you should get on it straight away. 

That was a long one, I apologise for waffling on. What were your favourites last month?

Thanks for reading! :)