The Selection Series (Kiera Cass) Review

I’m going to try and do this series of books justice during this review. Kiera Cass is a brilliant author who has written some of my most favourite books of all time. I really loved this series and fell in love with each of the characters. At times I couldn't put them and down, I've pre-ordered them every time a new one's out and recommended them to many friends and family. It’s a brilliant love story, with relatable characters and OMG moments. Don't worry no spoilers as usual!

The story follows a young girl named America Singer who is entered into a competition (the selection), where 35 girls are sent to the palace of the royal family to win over Prince Maxon's heart and become the next princess of Illéa. Cass has captured America's struggle between two different worlds, unwanted feelings and the reality of her future. 

I fell in love with America instantly! She is brave, stubborn, curious and a romantic. She's a refreshing protagonist whose struggles are relatable and Cass tells her side of the story so well, it’s a real page turner. Maxon is such a gentleman with inner struggles but throws himself into everything he does, a very admirable character. Even though there are quite a few characters throughout the series Cass gives them all an identity, I never wondered who she was talking about.

Three of the books take you through Maxon's decision, in my opinion they got better as they went on the closer it got to the end. When it did end I wanted it to carry on as usual, that’s where The Heir saved the day. (Damn titles giving things away!) However I was actually kind of disappointed with this one at first, I won't spoil it but all I will say is it's worth it so stick with it. If you would like to see a separate review about The Heir and The Crown, let me know! 

Being the brilliant author Kiera Cass is, she has also written a collection of novellas, telling the story from other characters’ perceptions. These are brilliant, it’s exciting knowing how events unfold from the main novels and seeing how others perceived it. I highly recommend all of these books, I'm 100% going to mourn these characters now it’s all over. 

Do you have any recommendations for my next read?

Thanks for reading! :) x

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