What's In My City Bag

Everyday I carry around a large tote bag with practically my life in it but when it comes to long days sightseeing, shopping or going on city breaks I have to reduce it down as my shoulders can't take it. If I'm honest I wish I could carry around a Mary Poppins bag just so I would never be caught in a situation where I wish I had brought something. I try to make sure I've got different circumstances covered. So here's what I carry around the cities of the world.

I recently bought this brown small bag from H&M for my trip to New York. It looks small but is very deceiving, I can fit lots in! I have to have my purse with me, obviously, for all the city shops. I reduce my purse down from my usual one, leaving out the unnecessary loyalty cards and just carry the essentials. I always take an umbrella unless I've got a worthy enough coat to keep me dry. My Nan always says never leave the house without one and that's saved my hair on more than one occasion. Another one passed on from my Nan is the wipes, they have come in handy many a time, saving my top from a stain or cleaning a rather dirty cafe table. My sunglasses are from Ralph Lauren and I wear them everywhere, if its slightly bright outside I've got them on, so the city is no exception.

I always have a clip with me if my hairs down. I'll use it if I'm eating and need to keep my hair food-free or if its got to the end of the day and need to get it out of my face, and if your hairs decided to go annoyingly frizzy you can tame it with the clip. The comb I have to have! There is NOTHING worse than tangly hair and walking around all day can definitely cause tangles. The deodorant is a given, got to stay fresh. Especially in the hotter cities around the world.

The mirror, concealer and the lipstick go together. Just to touch up the makeup when the day is starting to get long and even better if your out all day into the evening. I try to keep the most blendable concealer I have so I can use my fingers and I just chuck in the lipstick I chose that morning. The Travalo is a genius invention in my eyes, you can carry around just a few sprays worth of your chosen scent, taking up hardly any room in your bag. I always have hand sanitiser with me, if I'm eating out after having been on public transport its best to use it. Lastly the lip balm, for no other reason than just in case. The feeling of dry lips is awful, even more so when you know you could have brought it with you.

Is there anything you take that I've missed out? Let me know!

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. I love these kinds of posts, I guess I'm just nosy! I always have vaseline and some mints with me in my bag.


    1. Mints is a good idea! Glad you liked the post :) x