NYX Available In Boots Now!

If your in the UK and are a makeup fanatic, the news that NYX was coming to Boots would have been very exciting. I know it was for me. NYX is a drugstore brand and up until recently not available over here in stores. It recently launched in my local Boots so I had to go see and spend some time rummaging through the full range. As far as I know the prices are slightly more expensive than the states but I suppose that can be expected. 

Butter Gloss- Cherry Pie
I have a few of the butter glosses already and love them. I bought the red shade as I don't have many sheer reds in my collection, maybe ill be brave enough to wear this in the day time. They're not sticky and apply nicely, I'll definitely be buying more shades. 

Matte Lipstick- Audrey
I picked this one up as I loved the shade, I'm hoping for it to be my everyday go to. If I'm honest I had chosen it based on the shade and didn't even realise it was a matte finish. It was the first thing I've tried and loved that it was pigmented. Although it did leave a line on my lips so I'll have to keep an eye on that. 

Jumbo Eye Pencil- Milk
This was raved about by all the bloggers a few years ago, now I can see why. I've been using this as a base to create a blank canvas for eye shadow. I'm loving it. I have been previously using a Mac paint pot as a base but I'm switching to this straight away. 

HD Concealer- Fair
I have relied on the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer for so long now I needed a change and I'm so happy I tried this one. I have quite a lot of blemishes so I wanted to have something that was good enough coverage to cover them, the HD Concealer does just that. It's creamy and long lasting. Sorry Collection concealer you've been replaced. 

Sex Bomb Eyeshadow Palette
I bought this because of the pinky shade on the end. Normally I always pick the palette with the neutral brown shades but I thought I would change that. I wasn't overly pleased about the silver glittery shade, it wasn't very pigmented and didn't last overly well. I'm going to have to preserver with the other shades. 

It was a successful shopping trip, I will 100% be stopping at the NYX counter again. 

Thanks for reading! :)

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